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What is BIDBase?

BIDBase is a powerful online database system designed specifically for UK Business Improvement Districts (BIDs). BIDBase includes powerful BID management tools to help you get the most out of your BID data. BIDBase is designed for BID managers, BID teams and BID directors to use. Whether you're pre-BID, just starting your BID term or are approaching renewal ballot, you need to know the vital information about your levy-payers: who they are, how they interact with your BID and what you're doing for them. Importantly, you need to be able to evidence all that. BIDBase does all these things and more!
BIDBase System Diagram

Why do I need BIDBase?

Most applications used to help run BIDs are based around contact details. While these are important - and BIDBase is great for keeping track of people in your BID - BIDBase is based around hereditaments, organisations, people and addresses. This is important because hereditaments are the link between organisations, people and addresses in a UK BID as well as the source of your levy income and vital in analysing your BID's performance before ballot. BIDBase also has powerful reporting and analysis tools for street operations and a simple, transparent budget management system.
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Where will my data be stored and how secure will it be?

BIDBase data is stored on a secure server in Britain. We use SSL certification (the reassuring green padlock) and up to 256-bit encryption to protect your data.
Testimonials from people who use BIDBase in their BIDs
  • "Essential Edinburgh had been using [a well-known CRM] since our formation in 2008. We chose to change to BIDBase in the year of our renewal ballot because we liked the ability to track our interactions with levy payers – to see who we had not seen for a while and keep up to date with the eligible voter. The extraction of the database for the vote itself was a very easy process, which it hadn’t been [previously]. The support we received in transferring over all our contact and organisational details was fantastic. The team are very contactable and responsive to questions, requests for help and ideas for improvements to the database."

    Emily Johnston - Senior Manager, Marketing & Communications, Essential Edinburgh BID

  • "We’d previously relied on a number of separate databases to manage all our BID data. As the amount of information we were gathering increased it was clear that our management systems were becoming too time consuming for our purposes. Investing in BIDBase has allowed us to effectively manage everything in one place resulting in much improved efficiency and data control."

    Hugh Evans - CEO, Southport BID

  • “We have been using BIDBase for the last few months and have found it an invaluable tool. Going forward to renewal ballot it will be vital in allowing us to concentrate on key decision makers. When we have had the need to contact technical support the reply and resolution has come through to us in less than 24 hours. If you’re looking to use BIDBase then we are happy to endorse it - it's a great piece of software!"

    Shaun Boyce - Project Manager, Wolverhampton BID

  • "BIDBase gives my team a powerful tool for CRM and operations management in the BID. BIDBase enables us to evidence the good that we do and helped us to a stunning 3rd term renewal ballot result."

    Michele Wilby - Chief Executive Officer, Colmore BID

Which BIDBase package suits your BID?

Transform your BID delivery with one of these options:

One Year
(per year - £62.08 monthly equiv)
  • Powerful comms tools
  • Levy-payer sentiment analysis
  • Unlimited BID team and BID board users
  • Promotions & events tools
  • FREE BIDBase Street Operations mobile app (iOS and Android)
  • Powerful ballot tools
  • Budget management system
  • Street issues analysis tools
  • Team tasking management system
  • Automated reports & reminders
  • Core data loaded by us
Five Years
(5 years - £49.67 monthly equiv)
  • Exactly the same features as Annual - but 20% cheaper!
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Are you developing a BID?

Get FREE access to BIDBase!

  • For developing BIDs that have yet to go to initial ballot
  • Get full access to BIDBase for as long as you need it before ballot
  • Saves you £745 per year!
  • We prepare and import your data for a flat fee of £500*
  • Once you have a successful ballot result, choose to:
    • Keep using BIDBase by choosing one of the paid subscriptions
    • Use some other solution entirely

*NOTE: You provide us with a spreadsheet with your LA levy plus any contact data you have.

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FAQ1: Who are you?

BIDBase has been designed and developed by The Wisdom Factory CIC, a social enterprise in Birmingham. Like BIDs, we have a social purpose. We have worked for BIDs and this led to us to using our experience and expertise to design a product that would help BIDs perform their valuable work more efficiently and effectively.
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FAQ2: What are the key features?

  • Generate bespoke mailing lists.
  • Record and analyse when you promote your levy payers.
  • Record and analyse every time you interact/consult with a levy payer.
  • Record and analyse attendances at your events, along with their costs, to enable value-for-money analysis.
  • Record street management issues and their resolution status with a free mobile-only app.
  • Manage the BID budget with your board, controlling spend with our new Budget Management System
  • Automated reminders of overdue contacts, incomplete tasks and unresolved street issues
  • Automated monthly reports for BID Managers of team activities
  • Identify your most influential voters and property agents in terms of levy amount and number of votes.
  • Forecast your ballot result during your campaign.
  • Identify how many people in your BID are ‘strangers’ to you.
  • Access a growing list of confirmed national voters, with Data Protection Act compliance.
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FAQ3: How do we migrate our data from our current system to BIDBase?

You give us a spreadsheet with your Local Authority levy data and any contact data you have. We then prepare and import those data into BIDBase - we typically make a one-off charge of £500 plus VAT.
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FAQ4: How many users can have access to our BID’s account?

BIDBase clients can have unlimited logins.
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FAQ5: Do you have a free version?

We used to have a free version but we found hardly anyone used it. BIDBase clients tell us the subscription is great value for money!
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FAQ6: Are you developing BIDBase and how do we influence this?

We launched in January 2017 after over two years development and months of beta-testing. We’re continually enhancing the system; we're rolling out v2.3 now. We continually seek feedback and ideas from users so we can prioritise the introduction of new features. We can make small tweaks any day of the week because our developer is in-house but we aim for a major upgrade every year. Upgrades are provided at no charge.
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FAQ7: I’m developing a BID, how do we get free access?

If you are developing a new BID you can access BIDBase free of charge until the day of your ballot result. After that you can choose to pay the subscription or use an entirely different product.
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FAQ8: How secure is BIDBase?

Your data is protected by SSL certification (the reassuring green padlock) and up to 256-bit encryption. Our servers are in a secure facility in the UK.
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FAQ9: What about the Data Protection Act 2018?

Our team has been trained in data protection by independent lawyers. In Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA18) terms we are a data processor and you are data controller - it’s your data, not ours. We've built-in tools to make compliance with DPA18 easy.
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FAQ10: Do you use our data?

For marketing? No way. In the future, if we have a large enough dataset we may be able to use aggregate data to identify themes across the industry to help the industry push for more support and recognition. No people or BIDs would be identifiable, of course. This is all in our Terms and Conditions.
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FAQ11: What’s coming next?

Lots of things. We launched v2.2 in September 2018 and we're currently rolling out v2.3 now, including automations, improved event management tools, business crime reduction tools and loyalty card facilities.

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